24th Mar 2016
Classification of Pyroclastic Deposits

Classification of Pyroclastic Deposits

CLASSIFICATION OF PYROCLASTIC DEPOSITS OF THE LESSER ANTILLES Although a general agreement exists on the classification of modern pyroclastic rocks, regional differences often add significant complications, so that specific classification...

29th Jan 2016
North coast of Saba from cockpit of commercial airliner approaching landing strip.

Volcano Activity Status

STATUS OF VOLCANIC ACTIVITY IN THE LESSER ANTILLES Island Potentially active volcano Last Holocene Eruption Historic Volcanic Earthquakes Geothermal Activity Saba Saba 280 yrs BP X X St. Eustatius The...

08th Dec 2015
Island Arcs Map Feature

Island Arcs map

Island Arcs of the Lesser Antilles

08th Dec 2015
Radar Topography Map of Nevis

Radar Topography

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Geophysicist Dr. Ian stewart has kindly prepared for the website radar images of the islands using the 2000 shuttle imagery. An explanation of how this was...

08th Dec 2015

Green Volcanoes

GREEN VOLCANOES Green tropical jungle-covered volcanoes standing out of warm blue seas in balmy Trade Winds, surrounded by palm-lined white coral sand beaches and reefs may be the ideal of...

08th Dec 2015
Saba viewed from Northern Centers of St. Eustatius .

Other Volcano Websites

SOME VOLCANO WEBSITES www.geology.sdsu.edu/how_volcanoes_work www.volcanoworld.org www.geo.mtu.edu/volcanoes http://volcanoes.usgs.gov www.uwiseismic.com www.caribbeanvolcanoes.com www.geokem.com www.dominicapsn.freeyellow.com www.gl.rhul.ac.uk/schools/cabinet03/drawer01.htm Some sites include video clips that require the installation of Quick Time.

08th Dec 2015
Island Arcs Map Feature

Volcanistic Terminology

SOME VOLCANICLASTIC TERMINOLOGY PYROCLAST – Juvenile crystals, crystal fragments, glass or rock fragments produced during a volcanic eruption. BOMB – A pyroclast with a mean diameter exceeding 64mm. It may...

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