St Vincent Geology

Radar Topography Map of St. Vincent
St. Vincent

Geology of St Vincent Island

Geology has been subdivided into South-East Volcanics (2.740.07 to 1.540.62 Ma), Grand Bonhomme Volcanic Center (1.330.09 to 1.160.08 Ma), Morne Garu Volcanic Center (1.180.10 to 0.0110.014 Ma), Monogenetic red scoria spatter cones, and Soufriere Volcanic Centers (0.690.09 Ma to 1979 AD), the deposits of which have been subdivided into Yellow Tephra deposits and Undifferentiated pyroclastic deposits, including the deposits from historic eruptions (1718, 1780?, 1812, 1880?, 1902-03, 1971-72, and 1979 AD).

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