St Lucia Geology

Radar Topography Map of St. Lucia
St. Lucia

Geology of St Lucia

The geology of the island has been subdivided into 1) Eroded basaltic and andesitic centers, which are further subdivided into Northern Series (18.30.9 to 4.660.23 Ma) and Southern Series (10.120.50 to 5.210.15 Ma), 2) Dissected andesite centers (10.400.52 to 2.020.08 Ma), 3) Soufriere Volcanic Center, which has been further subdivided into a) Early Effusive activity (6.50.6 to 5.61 0.25 Ma), b) Andesitic stratovolcanoes –Mt. Gimie (3.30.16 to 0.90.8 Ma), c) Early dome forming activity –Petite Piton (0.260.04 Ma) and Gros Piton (0.290.1 to 0.230.1 Ma), d) Dacitic pyoclastic flow deposits-Choiseul Tuff (39,0501500 to <32,840 yrs B.P.), Belfond pyroclastic flow (34,2001670? to 20,0001,120 yrs. B.P.), e) Late stage lava domes and explosion craters- Morne Bonin dome, Belfond dome.

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